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Robot Loader/Unloader

The SRV652 is a universal loading & unloading robot with a flexible handling concept suitable for a large spectrum of applications. Its custom-built and in-house developed robotic arm allows for maximum precision and efficiency. The SRV652 functions with or without slip-sheets and can adapt to a variety of cart rack systems. It features both low power consumption and a small footprint.

  • Suitable for L-Rack and Flat Rack
  • All functions integrated in one system
  • Automatic multi format gripper, multiple panel handling options
  • Double sheet detection and separation on hand
  • Interleaf sheet handling
  • Integrated panel centering device
  • New upgraded PLC, Automatic format recognition
  • Height adjustable to Trolley & Conveyors
  • Fully enclosed to minimize particulate contamination
  • Low power consumption (600 watts)
Footprint: 1720 x 1500 mm (68 x 59″)
Panels per minute: up to 8
Material Thickness Range: 50µm – 7mm (.002 – 0.275″)
Panel Size: 300 x 300mm (12 x 12″) to 635 x 635mm (25 x 25″) extensions available


Automatic Mylar Sheet Remover

The PMA 101-CBD is the most successful automated mylar sheet remover in the world due to its revolutionary peeling method. It is paired with both a centering unit and a buffer for a complete PCB peeling process. This machine is compact and durable offering high productivity and enormous flexibility.

  • High productivity up to 10 panels/min
  • Re-peel function reduces failure rate
  • Mylar storage in roll form beneath unit
  • Integrated panel centering device
  • 6 stage integrated buffer with safety cover
  • Suitable for 0.002" rigid material
  • Mylar tear detection
  • Low power consumption
  • New upgraded PLC with recipe function
Footprint: 1620 (flow direction) x 1863 mm (64 x 73″)
Panels per minute: 10
Material Thickness Range: 50µm – 7mm (.002 – 0.275″)
Panel Size: 300 x 300mm (12 x 12″) to 635 x 635mm (25 x 25″) extensions available

At Matrix, we are big proponents of AE's Mylar Peelmaster PMA-101. Every PCB Fabricator in North America should have one of these machines. The Peelmaster automates the Mylar-Film removal process after imaging; no need to muscle the panels with razor blades or sticky tape. The Peelmaster will not scratch or damage the panels in any way. Please contact us about our free 60-day Loan Program or lease-to-own financing.

We are delighted to partner with Matrix Electronics. Together, we are a full service provider of a wide range of Automation Equipment and Engineering Services. We have a passion for technology and innovation. Let our Team develop an Automation plan for you, that will meet your needs for High Productivity and Consistent Quality.