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About Matrix Automation

Matrix has established itself as a reliable partner in the areas of PCB Manufacturing Automation and Material Handling. We have partnerships with some of the most advanced equipment manufacturers in USA, Europe and Japan. Our role is to bring their Engineering and Technical expertise to North American Circuit Board Manufacturers.

The introduction of new digital equipment now provides the fabricator with capabilities that have been unattainable since the inception of PCB fabrication. The benefits are substantial, highlighted by lower costs and increased yields. As an example, experience is showing that floor space for the "front-end" process alone (Dry Film Lamination & Imaging) is being reduced by over 60% from previous operations.

Matrix is now adding a focus not only on these new equipment additions, but also on supporting their installation, training, warranty, and after-warranty services. Automation is NOW required to improve quality, improve yields and guarantee consistency.

Increased Accuracy and Repeatability • Reduced Production Time • Lower Costs • Improved Quality • Higher Volume Production • Less Human Error

Meet the Team

Bob Berg

Business Development Manager

Halil Tugal

Robotics Innovation

Matt Bain

Equipment Services Manager, West

Weiyu Hu

Equipment Services Manager, East

Sharon Nilson

Customer Service

Eduard Tasico

Spare Parts Coordinator

The miniaturization of PCB Electronics, now characterized by sub 5-mil features and overall tight mechanical tolerances, is making it more and more challenging to build today's circuit boards using traditional manual methods. Companies are striving to optimize yields with increasingly higher layer counts, thinner substrates and almost-no-profile copper foils. Today, Automation has become necessary.

Customer Inquiry for Product Sales & Service

Please contact Matrix regional customer service locations listed for information on product sales, equipment and spare parts.

Regional Customer Service Locations Phone Email
Canada, US Eastern and Midwest Regions 905-670-8400
Northern CA and Pacific Northwest 408-477-2963
Southern CA, Southwest and Texas 714-825-0406
Key Contacts by Product Group Contact Email
Equipment Sales Robert Berg
Equipment Service (West, Midwest Region) Matt Bain
Equipment Service (East Region) Weiyu Hu
Parts Eduard Tasico
Sharon Nilson

Our Headquarters

2730 S Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707
1124 Midway Blvd.
Mississauga, ON L5T2C1
Phone: 1-800-668-5447